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Algarve… e Schweppes



Glazed tile of 20x15 cm inspired by the advertising tile “Algarve… e Schweppes”. Part of the collection of mini-replicas of old advertising tiles, all with similar dimensions.

Between 1956 and 1965, the Aleluia Factory in Aveiro produced advertising tile panels for the Schweppes soft drink company. The paintings make use of an extensive chromatic palette and do not contain any reference to the type of product they advertise, merely mentioning the brand through a slogan tailored for the south of the country – “Algarve… and Schweppes”. The compositions also include elements of the region, such as the characteristic rocks of the Algarve beaches.

About the production

Printing with ceramic pigments on glazed tiles at a temperature exceeding 930ºC, ensuring the durability of the colour even in outdoor environments.

Regarding the purchase of tiles

Do not buy tiles without ensuring their lawful origin. If you are interested in purchasing, opt for a replica. By acquiring this replica, you are contributing to the research, preservation, and dissemination project Azulejo Publicitário Português.


Price with VAT

20,00 €

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