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Photograph of a screen printing canvas

About the online store and printing on tiles

The tile panels sold in this online store are produced in a workshop located in the inner center of Portugal, next to the historic National Road 2 and National Road 17. If you travel along either of these roads, you are sure to encounter some advertising tile. The vibrant color of these panels has withstood the assaults of the climate for decades and decades. Today, at a time when nothing is made to last, we believe that tiles can re-emerge as a sustainable and long-lasting communication solution for advertising, tourist promotion, and many other purposes.

In this workshop, instead of painting the tiles, we use a computer to print digital or digitized images using ceramic pigments. With the help of a screen printing canvas, the color is applied to tiles that are subsequently baked at a temperature always above 900ºC. The glaze on the tile fuses with the color, which gives it the characteristic durability and shine.

This makes it possible to apply any image to tiles. Unlike other printing processes, the durability of the piece's colors is not compromised, and its use is not limited to indoor environments. The color is thus resistant to the sun, rain, ice, fire, and pollution.