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Nitrato do Chile



Glazed tile of 20x15 cm inspired by the advertising tile of the Chilean Nitrate. Part of the collection of mini-replicas of old advertising tiles, all with similar dimensions.

The Chilean Nitrate panels are a classic of the Portuguese roads. Through old photographs, it's possible to prove the existence of these panels at least since 1948. It is believed that the original design was conceived by Adolfo López-Durán Lozano in 1929. These panels are part of our collective memory and, as such, should be preserved, whenever possible, in their original location.

About the production

Printing with ceramic pigments on glazed tiles at a temperature exceeding 930ºC, ensuring the durability of the colour even in outdoor environments.

Regarding the purchase of tiles

Do not buy tiles without ensuring their lawful origin. If you are interested in purchasing, opt for a replica. By acquiring this replica, you are contributing to the research, preservation, and dissemination project Azulejo Publicitário Português.


Price with VAT

20,00 €

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