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Glazed tile panel with an image of your choice.

Printing of illustrations, photographs, or other types of images, on a tile panel of 10 cm each, with uniform surface and edges.

If your image is horizontal and you choose any fixing material, it will be properly adapted so that it can be fixed horizontally.

If your image does not have the correct proportion, or if any changes are needed, we will contact you via the email provided in the payment form.

About the production

Printing with ceramic pigments on glazed tiles at a temperature exceeding 930ºC, ensuring the durability of the colour even in outdoor environments.

Please note that the colors seen in the received images may vary in the final work due to technical reasons. The items produced and approved by the customer are entirely the responsibility of the customer.




Price with VAT

59,40 €

Shipping costs and delivery times calculated in the next step.